About the London Venue Performance Report

The London Venue Performance Report is part of our INSIGHTS division

Alongside Londonlaunch’s Sales Lead Generation and Targeted Marketing solutions, Insights (services) will focus on providing Londonlaunch clients with Performance and Benchmarking insight/reports in Venue Performance, SEO, digital marketing and industry trends in the world of B2B events.

Londonlaunch members are offered unique and neutral resources for London’s venues and suppliers including:

Performance benchmarking

As a member of Londonlaunch you can benchmark your venue's performance which will help you understand where you are strong, and where (if) you are behind your competitors/the market.

You’ll also receive a personalised benchmarking report each month comparing your venue's performance against that of your competitors (anonymously and securely).

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Data & Insights

Structuring our insight around the topics you want us to cover, and combining our own index data with that of our venue members to generate fresh and unique insights into the trends you need to know about. Our insight will be delivered through: 

The Venue Performance Report will track and measure the performance of your venue against the competitive aggregate and general market. It will allow you to measure your performance and follow trends in:

This data will allow venues to:

The Venue Performance Report will produce reliable performance indicators to assist venues with operational and strategic decisions including: 

This report will be produced monthly with quarterly and annual analysis.

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Methodology of data collection

Participating venues will input data into a central and secure online database. You will have access to this system 24/7 so you can input data whenever it suits your business.

This data will be collected, managed, organised and analysed on a monthly basis by an expert who will produce the report in an easy to understand format and will also provide commentary on the report.

The report(s) will be available for download in a secure, online members area.

In year two, additional reports will be added to the service, which will track: 

Featured research such as Brexit, economic impact etc

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Measure your venue's performance

We’ll create a personalised benchmarking report each month for you comparing and measuring your performance against that of your competitors (anonymously).